Chrissella born from OASIS who is an online resource that creatively and inspiringly helps a woman to experience things in her life that she never imagined. It’s an inspiration to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. Incorporating a little creativity into your day, motivates you to plan your next trip and wear what you always thought you didn’t get used to. OASIS is for you. It’s our mission you use the site to be inspired, but also to act and become the woman you believed you couldn’t. Who said you couldn’t? Even if you sometimes feel lost in a desert, looking for hope or a little miracle, that you will not find in OASIS, you will find it in you!

Ella – Chief Editor and Founder of OASIS Magazine

‘Travelling is like fashion. You can go around the globe, discover most beautiful places, return years later and still be thrilled and inspired. The same with fashion, it comes and it goes but eventually we end up wearing wide leg jeans again! Travel fashion is the real passion for me. Finding the right wardrobe to wear for the destination you are going to could be a new kind of art. Only then your presence is complete.’