Most of us have been in relationships where we feel misunderstood or don't get what we wanted. When you have to kiss a lot of frogs, you also learn a lot along the way.
Sometimes when you want to be successful, have a balanced life and want to be independent, you really don't want someone to come and ruin everything! Believe it, women are not complicated.
So here are some qualities you definitely need in a guy!

We like little surprises
Of course, we like flowers and jewelry, and we will be happy to accept both, but we don't expect you to leave and spend an orderly every month to keep us happy. Contrary to what you think, we don't want to break the bank. But we love little surprises. Is there a new movie in the cinema that we are obsessed with? Take us in your spare time. Do we have a new love for cooking? Show us a cookbook. It's these little details that lets us know that you're thinking of us. That makes us happy. That makes you happy.

We want to talk to you
About everything and about nothing. We need to feel that we are capable of being women in front of you, and you may not worry about a story we see in the news or read on the Internet, but it's important to us, let's talk. Let's talk about our fears, our dreams or about the color that we should paint the living room. We don't care what it is, as long as we can talk to you. It is also very important to be available to talk about the relationship. Whenever there is something which we aren't unhappy, be open to communicate about it. That will solve everything. Relationships are about growing together, strengthening, working together and making adjustments on both sides.

We want you to worry about us
Ask us how our day was. Because we need to feel that you are still interested in what happens in our lives, the opinion of the person we decide to share our life with is important! And if we had a bad day, at work or at home, listen to us. We will feel instantly better.

We want to feel that we are a team
Whether making dinner, cleaning the house or washing the car, things run much better when it's made for two. It is about working together, because a relationship is two. Teamwork requires you to work together, not exist against each other.

We want you to catch us when we fall
There are probably a few days when we feel down, and in these days when we wonder if we are good enough or what has gone wrong, we find comfort in the arms of loved ones. We just need a shoulder. Some days we just fail in life, say not to give up.

We want trust as the basis of a relationship
Trust is at the top of a relationship, without trust there is no happiness, and what happens when there is no happiness near the person you love? Do not think about it. Tell her and show her that she can trust you, gaining trust is something that women want, we like to feel secure in the arms of the person we love.

We want you to make us laugh
This is probably what all women want. We want you to make us laugh, when we are happy, when we are sad, and even when we are angry. This relieves our moods and every time we laugh we fall in love more and more.

Credit: Lisa Olsson
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