"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."

To know what you need to build a business that is successful, we must begin to know and end bad habits if you want to advance your career. And we know that it is often your habits that determine your success - or keep you on your path.

If you rise above the bad habits you are blocking, you can reach the potential that you intend.

1. Let others decide what you want
We are talking about your career and your life, so stop letting other people decide for you. Take control and set healthy limits. Make your own decisions and have your own life.

2. Trying to make everything perfect
Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure around the perfect being, and this is probably the quickest way things go wrong. Stop being perfect and stop being in the mess is one of the good habits to have in your life.

3. Let negative energy surround you
How many negative people do you have in your life? How many negative thoughts in a day? It is easy to be surrounded by negativity without even being aware of it. But it's harmful, it often comes at the cost of the things you want. Free yourself from the negative energy that surrounds you.

4. Talking and not taking the next steps
It's a good plan and great that you have a clear vision of how you want to develop what you want. Set clear and measurable goals to ensure that you are always moving forward.

5. To give up
The time when you are ready to go out is often the right time before everything else gets together. Determination leads you to success, knowing to fall seven times, but raise eight!

Begin today to eliminate the habits that are standing in your way - be it some kind of thing or something else entirely. Then find out a successful person that you should be.

Photography Michèle