With summer, the sun is in everyone's mind! We women think of the perfect outfit to enjoy this hot season and we are obsessed with all things summer and this means our new wardrobes too! And we know, if there's one thing that girls like more than summer time, it's their fashion solution. In the summer we tend to be more creative and even wear clothes that we would never think to buy, but this season has these things, buy what you probably like. To help, we select what we think is the trends that are pumping this summer!

Life is busy. Playsuits simplify my life, forcing me to worry about accessorizing vs. spending time in the morning hanging out in my closet trying to match tops and bottoms and having little luck without being three cups of coffee in."

Kenzas wearChicy.se Playsuit



"If you're not a fan of showing too much cleavage, you'll be happy to know that the back is back to fashion. Backless dresses and shirts are becoming more and more popular as a trend, so our prediction is that this summer the streets and red carpets will be crowded with women showing off their beautiful backs."


"When it comes to crop tops, people often need a little encouragement. Whether you're holding onto one for a special occasion or making them part of your daily wardrobe, some women prove that there really is no wrong way to sport the look.The haters are gonna hate, but that doesn't mean your personal style should suffer. It doesn't look like crop tops are going anywhere anytime soon, so jump right in."


"If someone told me six months ago that I would be wearing a ruffle sleeve stop, and loving it, I may have thought they were crazy. I’m always cautious when approaching overly feminine and girly fabrications. bows, sequins, ruffles… they all fit into the same box, but even an androgynous minimalist shouldn’t completely rule them out. My approach is that there really can only be one hero to an outfit, a ruffle sleeve for example needs to be completely played down by a streamlined outfit."

Elisa Bellino wears Storets