Many of us nowadays work from home, and it is a very fortunate job because it allows you to work and rest for a couple of days at home.
With over 4 years of remote work, Sophie Rosie has picked up some of the little tricks and hacks to stay productive while at home. Because sometimes the feelings of just getting out of the office and watching movie sometimes is huge.

Don't work from your bed
First up, don't actually work from your bed. No matter how tempting it is to stay snuggled up under your duvet and just grab your laptop whilst lying down, this never works. Get up and get yourself dressed, and at least get yourself to the dining room table. You can also find a coffee shop to work in for the morning.
Put your shoes on
Put your shoes on, even if you're staying inside all day and have no intention of going anywhere. This will make you feel more motivated and productive. If you haven't tried this yet, do it!
Focus on one task at a time
And don't switch until you've completed it. Trying to juggle multiple tasks and jobs at once, particularly if you work for more than one manager, is normally just counter productive. You need to do one thing at a time, and don't move onto something else until the previous item is fully done!
Allocate set times for emails
I work in radio, and while I'm not actually on air, the nature of my job still means that things could need attention at any time of the day, so I can't ever completely switch off my emails and not keep my eye on them. However, what I can do, is set aside 10 minutes every hour to go in and respond and deal with any that are non-urgent, rather than interrupting my work flow every time an email lands in my inbox.
You basically never get anything else done because as soon as you send an email out, another one just comes right back at you!

Work when you're most productive
One of the benefits to working from home is being able to manage your own time a little more.  The morning is most definitely when most of people are most productive, so try and make the most of this by being up and working by at least 8am. Trying to accomplish tasks when your head isn't in it, is again generally counter productive!