Respect for yourself is synonymous with accepting the person you are. Starting with an acceptance of the things you like in you and the things you don't. Having this kind of awareness is a way to experience the likes and dislikes, thoughts, feelings and emotions without denial. The lack of that kind of respect for you involves rejection for yourself.
To get past this stage and to be able to accept who you are, this is the right way to grow and evolve to better people as you go through each day.
But this step is not an easy task. There are laps that should be avoided, and going the short ways might ultimately fool you about your level of respect.

Respect for others is not possible without respect for ourselves. We must first love and respect ourselves before we can really share love and respect with everyone else. To achieve positive results with our thoughts and feelings requires knowledge and assessment that we are not good enough, and that we are not "who we should be."

The following options will help you discover your self-respect and monitor your progress toward acceptance.

1- Use yourself with a guide to show your personality traits in each situation. Don't wear a mask or be who you are not, the people around you have enjoyed it, and you will feel much better.

2- Work on your thoughts and be aware of your negative and positive traits. These traits can be important for your growth in the future.

3- Try and build an ability to face all your doubts and fears respectfully.

4- Accepting your aspects, actions and choosing anyway and believing in your overall value is a priority in your life. Treat yourself with compassion and not with contempt.

5- Identify your current priorities based on your actions and choices, is there a need for some positive changes? Make a plan to implement these changes in your day-to-day life.

6- Being aware of your thoughts and actions at all times is essential for proper communication and effective thinking, replacing shame and neglect with a healthy and respectful sense of respect.

Photography Natasha Oakley