With the time of weddings at the door, you already hear the church bells ringing and there are not many things nicer than celebrating love, seeing friends, dancing, toasting champagne, but if you often participate in many weddings, the idea of ​​buying the same gifts again and again get bored.
This season, instead of investing in gift materials, try to offer a gift of wellness. From gift cards that will add ease to life, to experiences that will bring joy, you will start to like giving these gifts to people you like.
Here are a lot of ideas for the newlyweds or the bride specifically:


Essential Oils + Diffuser: Keep the honeymoon going with relaxing waves and tasty smells.

Massage Gift Card for Couples: This does not need explanation, will be a great gift for the newlyweds couple.

Airbnb gift card for a weekend: Stick a little money with other friends who attend the wedding and give away a weekend or even a night out.

Fitness Classes: Don't you think the couple will sign up for a workout right now? Do it for them!

Aromatic candles: They are a good and cheap gift that surely the couple will enjoy in a moment of complete relaxation.


Spa Day Gift Card: Because the bride deserves a day of self-love.

Training tank with wedding messages: There are tons of fun and cheeky shirts on the market for brides, but make it related to exercise to get your inspiration for the next race.

Gift card for a juice shop: Especially before the wedding, getting enough vegetables may not be on the bride's priority, but it is essential for your energy. Make it simple and healthy for her with the option of adding juices while she is on the move.

FITBIT Bracelet: Here's a new type of object that helps you better control your exercises. A good gift for a bride.

And you have some more ideas?

Photography by Olivia Bossert Photography