Luxury is just that, a luxury, and so investing in designer pieces takes consideration, saving and some serious balls. It’s something to truly think about, research, and balance the investment versus the value to you.
And today we will share from how to buy, to why you should by and importantly when to buy. Luxury isn't for everyone, but if you are obsess about bags & shoes and love to invest in special pieces, then this ones for you.

When it comes to luxury investments you have a few options for buying, online, in store, sample sales, outlets etc. But the key to any buy isn’t where you buy necessarily, it’s the process itself. Any luxury item includes a ton of research online (from investigating specs and sizes, to seeing it on people in real life) to trying it out for size in-store, before then choosing where to buy the item which can be dependent on stock.

Don't buy luxury because you want to fit in with the Instagram crowd. Don't buy a bag because it’s the IT bag of the moment and you kinda like it. Don't buy luxury if you cannot afford it.
Only buy something that you truly love, you know you’ll get use of, and that will be a timeless investment.
Why you’d invest in luxury is obviously such a personal and subjective thing. They’re special, well thought out, feasible and exceptionally exciting.
What’s super important, is that you are buying for you, that it’s special, feels right and is financially something you’re in a position to commit to.
Investment purchases, whether it’s houses, cars, hand bags or holidays, all require research and some serious consideration. And most determining factor in when to buy, is ultimately this: When I can afford it.
If you’re looking to find a bargain then quite naturally maximising sales times is a seriously savvy idea. Christmas sales and Black Friday are great times to pick up new pieces with a discount. But be warned, it's easy to get distracted by or compromise as a result of all the offers, so be sure to focus on the exact product you want, and don’t compromise for anything less else you’ll only suffer regret later.
Sample sales are another great way of investing in Luxury brands for less, as are outlet stores. Here you’re most likely to find more one off and unique designs or old season stock thats marginally reduced.
Once again, only buy the piece you truly want, the discounts are easy to get swept up in but ultimately any money is still significant, so make sure it’s spent on the right piece.
And finally if you’re planning to travel, then considering duty free or even currency opportunities is another wise idea.
Of course there’s also lots of ‘pre loved’ and vintage options for buying luxury, but you have to be willing to want second hand and know that you’re buying from a trusted and authenticated provider.

Photography Melissa Mould