Have you had a bad day recently? This may not happen! While we can not avoid a bad day entirely, here are some tips to help turn what could be a bad day into something better.

1. Make a list of things you are grateful for
This one is so simple! If you are having a bad day, grab a piece of paper and start listing things that you are grateful for. As expected, you will soon discover that the growing list of things to be grateful in your life is more important than your ruined day, and so you can move on.
2. Call a good friend
Call a friend who will not allow you to complain about your problems for more than a few minutes before turning the conversation into something much more interesting than what making you sad. Talking to someone you trust and who cares enough to guide you to positive thinking has tremendous value.

3. Help a stranger
Doing something for others has the dual benefit of making the world a better place while at the same time taking your focus out of your own problems as you work to solve another problem.
4. Drop some of your diary
If you are overwhelmed for a day, a very quick solution is to drop something of minor importance from your schedule and take some time for yourself. This is terribly simple and fairly easy to do.

5. Set some time just for you
Most of us do not schedule time alone and away from others. Whether it's listening to music, taking a walk, jogging or having tea in a quiet corner, clearing your schedule and investing back to yourself will yield in abundance.
6. Start laughing
Laugh, even if you really have to work for it in the begin, is truly the best remedy to cure any disease that threatens to destroy your day. You can find jokes online, watch silly youtube videos, hang out with a hysterical friend, or whatever you get laughing at. The big point here is that if you are aware of what makes you laugh, you are in a great position to prepare to laugh even when your day tries to get you down.
Isla Samsara X Matilda || Muse Matilda Djerf  || Photography Rasmus Johansson