Being on a campaign as a model, you learn a lot by just starting out at looking and seeing what a photographer does. As they adjust the location and lighting, how they position the models. Every aspect of modeling career helps to figure out by the very eye how a photographer works.

Using different lenses and DSLR cameras can be fun. Because who knows, you may end up needing a special wide-angle lens inside the house. Or need that fixed 50mm lens and camera when you travel or shoot pictures. But most importantly, it's about getting the shot, having full access to all the equipment.
But as most of you know, a lot of work goes into creating the perfect photo. With a lot of time and dedication, you really get to find what makes a unique and special photo, how to find the perfect lighting and how to set the mood with the locals.

Outdoor shooting tips:
  • Always shoot in Manual mode. It gives you complete control over the lighting and mood of the photo or video you’re creating. With that, you can literally shoot in any type of lighting and create the perfect image.
  • Don’t be afraid of sunlight. Sometimes sunlight creates some of the most magical images. For beauty and skin photography, direct sunlight is amazing. It just makes everything really glow and pop, especially when you’re playing with colors and prints.
  • Do avoid a backlit area. A street may be completely gorgeous, but if there’s extremely harsh sunlight bouncing off the building behind you…simply turn around. The lighting the other way will be magnificent and a lot more rich.
  • When in doubt, shoot in the shade. You really cannot go wrong with an overcast day in the shade. The light is naturally filtered so that whatever you’re shooting looks even more rich and clear.
  • Play with your depth of field. Having a semi-blurred out background is professional, and allows the main focus to be on your subject.
  • Go for movement. Like a flick of hair, or the wind blowing through the bottom of your skirt creates such dramatic photos. So don’t be afraid of movement, and a little blur. It definitely takes some practice photographing movement and having a steady hand.

Indoor shooting tips:
  • Try to grab as much natural light as possible. Move closer to a window if necessary! For me, just prefer natural lighting because of the way it makes the colors rich and vibrant.
  • Use a wide-angle lens. You can capture so much more in a wide-angle lens in a beautiful indoor setting. It’s great for capturing architecture or home decor!
  • Flash. Flash it’s candid. It’s bold. It’s artistic. It makes everything just pop.
  • Shadowing. The great thing about being indoors is you can really control the lighting, and shadows. It could be pulling down the drapes a little more for that dramatic shadow across someones face. Or getting that little peek of sunset to come through the window.
  • Making your own set. A white wall. It’s chic and sophisticated and gives you a ton of freedom.

But the important shooting tip is to have fun with it. Some of the best images are just candid. Just go, and live in the moment.
Photography Natalie Lim Suarez