Definitely a lot of people like to wear flip flops and sandals in Summer, but just because Autumn and Winter are over, we don't have to stop wearing our boots in the Summer.
There is something about wearing a pair of boots that make feel like you could face the world. Some may feel a little apprehensive when wearing boots in the Summer - how can you keep yourself comfortable on hot Summer days by using something designed to keep your feet warmer? Well, you certainly will not get half a breath of your favorite sandals here, but with socks, it really isn't that different from wearing sneakers, right?

Even though our Summer fashion goals are to wear as few clothes as possible for any situation because it is hot, for some brave souls, there is a cool Summer trend that is worth testing: high knee boots.
Style stars like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have come out lately, proving that you can wear knee boots during the summer. With a short dress for a night out on the town or a blouse with shoulder straps and a skirt, you'll be able to get inspire and prove that boots are for Summer as well.

If you consider the boots as your favorite type of shoe, it is just another advantage for you! Who says that every Summer day should be sandal days? With the right tips and clothes you will be able to incorporate this costume piece into your Summer set.

You can use the following with a pair of knee-high boots:

Mini skirts:
Mini skirts are the perfect choices to wear and there are endless choices out there, such as a leather skirt, floral skirt or denim skirt. The tip here is: knee-high boots and a mini skirt works great.

Wearing shorts with this kind of boot is one of the easiest ways to wear boots in the Summer without putting many thoughts into your outfit and still looks chic and easy!

Dress or Playsuit:
There are numerous possibilities with boots and a dress for the Summer. But with knee-high boots a shorter dress works better, while a longer dress works well with a pair of short boots.

Photography Vane Anevgrung