What's not to love about sitting out in nature, enjoying some company and a plate full of delicious food?
Long days and warm weather make the perfect time for a picnic. It's time to pick up your family or your friends, pack some food and head to your favorite outdoor location for an unforgettable party. Sounds easy, right? Yes and no. Picnics require a little planning, especially if you're the host. To help you, we've put together a list of seven tips for planning the perfect picnic.

1. Choose the location. You can hold a picnic virtually anywhere. Is not that why they're so fun? It can be in a park, in your backyard, on the beach, in the mountains or in a field. When deciding the location, be sure to consider the location itself. Are you going to have to walk a lot? How many people will you bring? Are you going to have a bathroom? These are things you have to take into consideration.
2. Select Menu. The choice of menu has to do with your personal choice. If you need preparation for your dishes, make sure you do it ahead of time to avoid confusion. Dishes that can be eaten at room temperature are the best along with salad, fruit and snacks.
3. Prepare everything ahead of time. You'll save more work by preparing the day before, and you'll have less work and more preparation time. Cut, peel, wash all fruits, meats or vegetables, and place them all in small containers.

4. Bring blankets. It is an important piece in planning your picnic. Even sitting on the floor or picnicking at a table, you will need a blanket to land all your food.
5. Dress for the occasion. This may not sound like a tip, but will see that it will help. Chances are you'll be sitting on the floor at a picnic, so wear something comfortable and you will not worry at all. You can wear maxi dresses because they are so easy and you can sit on the floor without having to think like. Comfortable sandals so help to complete the look.
6. Brings music and games. Bring your favorite games, board games or a deck of cards to keep you entertained all afternoon. Do not forget music, it's the icing on the cake when it comes to creating an ambience at your picnic.
7. Appreciate every moment. Once the winter is over, just being outdoors, enjoying the sun on your face and feeling the breeze of fresh air, you will feel good.