Those who live with parents for a long time, even as a university student, don't have the opportunity to create their own space. Once you take the next step, and your desire to move to your place becomes a reality, you will turn one of the rooms into a Cloffice. But what does it mean? Well, it's a closet + office space. A room that works just like both. For those who need more organization, shelves and racks to perfectly display all things and at the same time a place that can work, this is prefect.
Firstly, we suggest you start painting the room in white. The white rooms are a blank screen, they allow you to play with furniture and decoration however you want. If your space is small, try optimizing it every inch using racks and shelves of different sizes and creating "sections". Simply when you start buying items and try moving them in the space to find out what works and what doesn't.
Hope this helps and inspire the interior design bug on you! It seems so incredible to be organized and have a space where you can escape.

Photography Emily Jenny Cholakian