How does one become a Parisian? The answer is not so apparent, apparently, even when you’re on the thick of it – slurping down a café allongé with a Coach leather coat caped over your shoulders in the middle of Rue Montorgueil, while the cute waiter periodically pops his head out the door and asks Avez-vous terminee? "No, mon cher, it’s not terminal. I am done with my coffee though, may I have a glass of rosé?"
What does it mean to be a Parisian?
You can however, choose the Parisienne out of a crowd. The rulebook says she is probably blonde, smoking, and most likely also not wearing a smidgen of makeup, but so far the various attempts to follow this, only leads to being avoided on the street, and that is where it hits: we are dealing with the number of people who don't want to know here. French women simply don't care at all. Whereas English women and Korean women are a beauty product (face-contour) they often care more about even contending (why do they care so much?). We're just stereotyping here, of course, but it's an important lesson. Be you. Give less importance to what people think about and wear the dress over the pant suit. Do it with confidence, because this really is what it is to be Parisian, n'est-ce pas?

Photography Shini Park