As you all know, France is the country of love, fashion and elegance, so many designers and brands are inspired by the beauty of this country. The first rule of French-inspired looks is to focus on interesting shapes and textures, but keep it simple without too many embellishments. But how do they look so perfect all the time? To this end, we have compiled seven fashion rules that most elegant Parisian women live.

1. Say no to most trends
Parisian fashionistas develop a signature look and get on with it. They can update their wardrobe with some trends, but they always adhere to a similar aesthetic. This also makes shopping much easier.

2. It's all about the fit
French women wear clothes that flatter their bodies regardless of trends. The first step is to purchase clothes that fit perfectly into your body. The second step is to find a great tailor to ensure everything in your closet fits.

3. Think of a neutral palette
Most of the time, French women dress in a neutral palette cultured in black, white or brown, and add pops of color to their appearance with accessories. This makes mixing and matching inside your closet very easy.

4. Have a pair of signature shoes
You don't need a thousand pairs of shoes to look fabulous, you just need one or two great pairs to get the job done. And nowadays there are many celebrities who follow this line.

5. Investment Purchases
A big part of the reason why French women get so right, so often, is that they tend to make investment purchases rather than buying trends. Investing in something you love and hold can really be a value when compared to an endless set of disposable purchases.

6. Use all day perfect red lips
One quick update that French women have mastered to take a look from day to night is the perfect red lip. No need to bring a change of clothes to work, lipstick is all it takes to add some glamor to your outfit.

7. Dress for yourself and yourself
It is a rule that not only elegant French women, but virtually all elegant women have dominated - the excellent style is about dressing alone and alone. You should dress to feel good, not for show yourself.

Photography Louise Ebel