A little stress can focus our attention and stimulate us to dig in new ways to grow, but also, most likely will cause pain.
Stress leads to tangible changes within the cells of the body. Over time, stress reduces our ability to prevent aging, heal wounds, fight infections and even be immunized successfully.

These six steps will not only help you handle stress when it crops up, they should also lessen its intensity and frequency.

1. Breathe and stop (shake)
When we are stressed, the adrenaline is pumped throughout the body, increasing the heart rate and making us breathe both fast and superficially.
Stress also tends to leave an accumulation of energy within which keeps us out of balance. A great way to get it off quickly is to shake, exercise or dance.

2. Give a hug
Embrace a loved one releases oxytocin, which gathers in our sympathetic nervous system stressed, and seems to direct the repair of muscles, brain tissue and neurons. The more often we embrace, the lower the heart rate and blood pressure tend to be.

3. Feel the love
Feelings of love and connection destroy stress. One study has shown that the release of oxytocin reduces stress hormones by flooding the system of couples who are in conflict. Another study has shown that when one feels romantic love, people think more expansively and less analytically, have much longer perspectives and are more creative. It has been shown to be able to reduce the dangerous chemicals from stress.

4. Exercise
Being active is healthy for both body and mind. When you are feeling stressed, take a quick break and go walk out of your place. This brief interruption will give you a new perspective while removing immediate sources of stress.

5. Stay organized
Disorganization in any way causes the brain to feel stressed. Organize your work, surroundings, and activities in a way that gives you the most breathing space. The more organized you are, the better you will feel.

6. Stay positive
Don't let yourself hang onto negative thoughts that you will not get whatever you need to do. Tell yourself that you can and will finish it on time, organized and stay healthy. Make a goal, write it down and keep yourself accountable.