When you look at the photos, it seems, at first sight, a small town nowhere to be. An oasis with tree lined streets out of nowhere. A place that needs driving hours through the desert. But as small as Palm Springs seems to be, it's not. The place has 33 districts and covers a very large area. Depending on the distance, could almost say that the desert city is still in the wealthy suburbs of Los Angeles.

Kings Highway Diner at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club 
Here is recommended the 'Pollo Verde Tacos' and the 'Baklava Sundae', one of the tastiest ice creams not only for Foodies but also worth going to the hotel restaurant: The architecture and interior design of the building are still in the 50's with a contemporary feel.
Generally Palm Springs is a paradise for fans of mid-century modern architecture. And here we are directly to my next point in the "To See" list:
There are tours to the most beautiful homes, easy to drive even with the car through the streets. Palm Springs is almost an open air museum. Must do places:
Kaufmann House and the Palm Springs City Hall. If you like it a lot more trashier, make sure to stop by the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway.
When it comes to Vintage shopping, Palm Springs is the best place to shop antique furniture and home decor. A Mod and Dazzles are great places to browse.
The best mexican food is served at Las Casuelas Terraza - try the quesadillas and a beergarita!
And if you have some time left, Palm  Desert and the Joshua Tree Park are also great places to visit.

Photography by Fiona and Julia Engel