Surely many of you have heard of this, or even tried, but when the age passes, our bodies begin to yield and hurt. I know, how many times you try to stay in shape and eat well, but anything else we can do to have longevity in relation to our bodies? Yes there is.

Let's start a challenge that you will undoubtedly thank you in the end: work on your posture.
This is important for those who spend almost part of the day sitting, being lazy can be an easy habit that you can get used to, and you know, it's a horrible habit. It can change the composition of your spine, in the negative way, and can lead to tightness of nerves and blood vessels, and then come the muscle pains. It's something you don´t want, right?

But instead, a good posture can lead to your comfort of your back and neck. One quality is that you will have much more energy and disposition. And yet, walking right can be a sign of confidence, so add that as a bonus. It can also increase good mood, memory and an immense happiness.
For happen this, here are ways to improve your posture and enjoy the benefits we mentioned:
- Get up for a few minutes an hour and just walk.
- Lie on the floor a few times and make arm movements in the form of an angel. You can do this at home.
- When you sit down, put your shoulders back and down.
- Practicing yoga and pilates can improve your inner strength. Having a good form of exercise can make your body stand up straight.
- Don´t forget to do practices that extend and improve your posture. You can find many exercises on the internet where you can practice at home in your daily life.
Incorporate these changes into your life and you are ready to go to the doctor less often and reduce the pain! More importantly, you are one step away from changing your future. Knowing the power of posture can work wonders.

Photography by Lisa Olsson