Australia is a country out of this world, isolated and mysterious, rich in flora, fauna and dangerous animals. A country that leaves you with the enthusiasm to visit and venture, and if "money were not the problem", travelers from all over the world would choose this corner of the world instead of other countries. But will Australia be as nice in style as it is geographically?
Inspired by the irresistible beaches, the Australian style is wild, free, and come to stay.
They are not weak: in addition to being talented, they are the owners of an exotic beauty, an incredible golden tan and a physical appearance that nobody puts fault. Now what has caught the attention of the whole world is their style. With looks assembled from basic pieces such as shirts and jackets, the trick is to give that touch by adopting some trend that is fashionable or some style trick.
Inspired by the Aussie style, we've created a list of reasons you'll want to adopt this summer, and enjoy it like a true Aussie Girl.
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Sweaters of various sizes: An American will always buy that sweater with the ideal size, while Australian girls do not mind having an XL size sweater on her wardrobe, regardless of the size they wear.
A great breakfast: After meeting, you will want to adopt the style of an Australian breakfast. With all that is healthy at the table, the full table for breakfast is a good start of the day, whether before or after surfing.
Like to travel: I do not know why, but the Australians generally like to travel. Because they are so far from the rest of the world, when they travel, they have fun.
Enjoy basic clothing: How often do you wear a denim shorts and a white sweater is a good idea? The Australian girl likes and uses much of time.
LOVING THE SUMMER: Not all of Australia is summer all year round. There are cold seasons and parts of Australia that get to snow. But in general, an Australian girl loves summer! Enjoy the sea, run in the sand, venture into the waves... that's all an Australian likes. This summer enjoy the good heat and have fun as an Australian!