We women can be very lazy, so when we hear about some make-up or fashion troupe that will make us super better, it catches our attention. Make-up tricks are always welcome in our daily life, whether we wake up with those tired eyes or experience another unusual color.
Do you ever think how would look like a white eyeliner? Or did you tell yourself you'd never use it? Change your mind! It looks really scary because is white, but it is the secret weapon to make your eyes brighter and wider. Keep a space in your makeup bag for this product.
Sleepy Beauty: Draw the color on your lower waterline. This small movement will help hide the tiredness of your eyes and create distraction, making your eyes whiter and more vivid.
Highlight the corner of your eye: You can use white eyeliner to enhance the corner of your eyes and brighten your eyes. His eyes seemed brighter, improving his overall appearance.
A White Broker: Finding a spot by applying a white eyeliner and covering it as a broker is a technique that you will have to use. The white will counteract the red of your stain and create a perfect cover.