Who blames us for thinking about vacations? We focus all our energies on planning the next Summer trip. And it requires a lot of preparation, obviously. But putting money up there can be a big problem for many people, requiring sacrifice and plans. But we are here to help. Are you ready to go far? Use these ideas and do some magic!

1. It starts with a spending plan 
To start a plan, you need to have a plan. Be realistic, how much will you spend? It has the obvious, hotels and transport, food and tourist costs. Add all this and see what you have to work, if the number makes you desperate, try to be more realistic still. There are good apps that help you today.
2. Sacrifice
Sacrifice a lot of fun you have now and save for later. Invite your friends instead of leaving. Going out less often does not mean that you are not going to have fun. You can make your own fun without spending so much.

3. Selling
Reselling your things that you do not need is a good way to add some change. Discard old CDs, and DVDs, clothing or accessories. Sell ​​it. The world wants your things.
4. Create a travel savings account
Open a savings account with another bank, preferably one that is not attached to a card. The harder it is for you to access that money, the easier it is to save. Set up a direct transfer so that your travel savings go straight into this account every time you get paid.

5. Cook Meals at Home
It might be easier and faster to pick up dinner during the week, but you might spend more than necessary for food. For this to work you have to actually bank the savings. That means, figure out what you actually save by cooking at home each week, and then deposit that in your special savings account.
6. Get a Part-Time Job
You might not jump for joy at the idea of working a second job. But if your income doesn't afford the opportunity to save for a dream vacation, working part-time a few hours each week, or asking your boss for overtime work, might provide the funds you need. 

Isla Bay – Spell Swim ’16
Photography (35mm film)
Styling Brydie Mack
Muse Alena Blohm
Styling Assist Lily Reed Jones
Hair & Makeup Luciana Rose
Production Michaela MacDonnell
Location Perivolas, Santorini
Do you have other ideas on how to save for a dream vacation?