Not all of us are born in a cradle of gold, and we know perfectly well that happiness does not come naturally. It takes time to arrive and requires struggle with depression, problems, or low-grade sadness. Some roads are rockier than others, and some trips take longer. But even if it doesn´t come easily, happiness is worth fighting, striving and working to feel better. All the effort is rewarded and every work appreciated, don´t forget that you decide if you will win, because there is no one who commands in your happiness, and everything depends on you. It turns out to be a choice. And like any choice to please ourselves, happiness begins in small habits. Living a joyful life is always a new possibility, but it is a matter of choice, change, and consistency.
To help you along this path, we have gathered together eleven habits that will bring happiness to your life.
Be conscious: Live the small moments that appear in your life. Now is all that matters, and that's all you're guaranteed. If we don´t enjoy the moments that appear now, later we will think about what would be different if he had accepted that invitation or planned that dinner. Do it now, and do not be afraid to repeat. Pay attention to what is happening around you. The present is all you have. And believe me, you live better with a bad choice than with a regret. Make your gift the main focus of your life.
Laugh until you can no more: Scientifically confirmed, laughter is the best medicine. Breathing speeds up, and heart beats too. Why do you do well? Studies confirm, helps prevent diseases, after a laugh the breathing becomes deeper which contributes to the reduction of blood pressure. As well as working wonders on health, it helps to get closer to others, express emotions and create bonds between people. So laugh at every change you have.
Breathe fresh air whenever possible: We are not meant to stick to a computer, living life under artificial lights. Nature is our life partner, and refusing it is a big mistake. Feeling nature increases your brain function, and being able to breathe it can work wonders in your miserable mood.
Exercise: Exercise is as effective as the anti-depressants it takes, and its effects can last longer. Exercising can reduce stress and boost your confidence. It is a non-miracle drug.
Cultivate self-confidence: Unfortunately, most of us are programmed to exactly the opposite. We rip out, day by day. Most people believe that self-criticism keeps them on the line, but the truth is that self-pity is synonymous with motivation. Treat yourself as you would treat a loved one. Adopt a new attitude without judgment. And with self-compassion well the compassion for others too.
Traveling: Knowing new places, talking to new people, exploring new cultures, is all conducive to your happiness. With new places, new airs, and it will probably change the way you think. Explaining your consciousness is good for your mind, and even taking some time out of your comfort zone to relax brings joy to your soul.
Meditation: Meditation offers a long list of benefits for the body and for the mind. Achieving relieving anxiety and depression to boost the immune response and creativity is a progress you have to take. And it does not require a long-term commitment. Five minutes a day it is enough.
Recognizing Gratitude: Much like exercise and meditation, gratitude has been associated with a number of health benefits, and can quickly change the way you feel in your life. So, what are you grateful for today? Find things that are worth appreciating everywhere you look.
Challenge yourself: Do you know that radical sport you want to experience for some time? Take a shot. Growth comes when you push yourself to your limits.
Look for opportunities: When we get stuck in our regular routines, we are often blind to new possibilities. Open your eyes, ears and heart.
Re-energize your mind: Changing your distorted and negative thinking is one of the most important paths to happiness. Learning to identify your distortions and choose better thoughts and more realistic, helps train your brain. Challenge your brain and the way you think, or have always thought, because you are not stupid or useless, no matter what your brain tells you.
Photography by A Pair and A Spare